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Tips for Pet Owners at Kensington at Chelmsford

Kensington at Chelmsford Blog We're pet friendly! We want to share some tips for dog and cat owners to help you to be the best pet owner you can be.

Kensington at Chelmsford is a pet-friendly apartment community! We want to share some tips on how to be the best pet owner you can be. Since cats and dogs are common pets and generally need the most care, we have some tips to help you take care of those furry friends. For more information about our pet policy, contact management.


Tips for Dog Owners


Teaching Simple Commands

When you first get a dog, it’s important to teach them simple commands. This will keep you and them both safe from dangers they might not understand. Some of those commands can be to sit, lay down, stay, leave it, or come. Use treats to let them know they’ve done the right thing as you’re training. Be consistent and patient during this training time.


Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

When doing any training it’s important to create a positive experience for the dog. Don’t yell at them or be inconsistent with training (this may confuse them). If your dog is barking too frequently, first, remove the motivation. There’s a reason your dog barks and if you can take that motivation away, then part of your problem may be solved. Remember to also ignore the barking. Don’t give them attention until they stop. When they do stop, reward them with a treat.


Tips for Cat Owners


Prevent Destructive Scratching

Cats love to scratch, but as pet owners, you probably aren’t fond of this behavior. They can potentially destroy furniture, carpet, or curtains. Watch your cats and determine when they scratch and what textures they like to scratch. Find an alternative scratching post that they’re okay to scratch at. You can purchase a scratching post or make your own. On surfaces that you don’t want your cat to scratch, wipe a muscle rub paste on that area. Cats tend to dislike menthol aromas so this will impede scratching.


Prevent Litter Box Problems

Finding the right litter box for your cat is more important than you might think. Cats can be picky about what litter boxes they’ll use. It can get more tricky if you have more than one cat. If you have two cats, you’ll want to have at least two litter boxes. Finding the right cat litter that prevents odor and clumps together can also make your life a lot easier. You can find a variety of litter boxes and cat litter at your local Chelmsford, MA pet store or supermarket.


We hope these tips help you in your pet ownership. Visit again soon and have a great month!