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How to Evaluate Reviews


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In our last blog post we shared some tips about how to write reviews. This month, the Kensington at Chelmsford Blog is sharing tips about how to evaluate online reviews — which are found everywhere these days. Being able to evaluate reviews is a great skill to have whether you are evaluating apartments or pizzas! Read on for more information.


Evaluating Reviews

If you’ve ever taken time to read through a multitude of reviews, you know they can range from being helpful to being absolutely ridiculous. There may even be fake reviews scattered among the legitimate ones. Arm yourself with knowledge and use reviews to help you get the best products and services available.

  • Take the extreme reviews (both good and bad) with a grain of salt. In fact, toss them out of consideration.


  • Look for common themes among multiple reviews. If several people are saying the same thing, it’s more likely to be legitimate.

  • Read the overall tone of the reviews — are they mostly positive or negative.

  • Prioritize the content. Focus on the reviews that are most relative to YOUR top concerns. For example, if you don’t care if there is a specific amenity that isn’t important to you, disregard reviews about that specific amenity.

  • Spot fake reviews by looking out for language that sounds like it came from a brochure, vague language, and reviews that play on your emotions rather than presenting the facts. Even if a review isn’t fake, if it is too vague and unclear about the situation of a problem and how it was resolved or not, it’s probably not very reliable or helpful to you in determining what an apartment community is really like.

We hope these tips for evaluating reviews are helpful. We encourage members of our apartment community to take a few minutes and complete a review. Thanks for reading today’s post! We hope you are having a fabulous summer here in Massachusetts.