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Dress Up Your Apartment for Valentine's Day!

Kensington at Chelmsford Blog  Crafting and decorating ideas for Valentine's Day is what we're sharing in today's blog post. Check it out now!

We know, we know! You just got the holiday decorations put away last month and now it’s February and Valentine’s is coming up. You may be debating whether or not to even do any decorating for it. Well, we’ve got some ideas for decorating that makes it easy. Add some color and Valentine’s Day panache to your Kensington at Chelmsford apartment this month! Just stop by your favorite shop for any supplies you may need and get started!


Heart Tree from Money Hip Mamas

This idea won’t take much out of you — just enough time to pick some branches, find a vase or pitcher, and use a hot glue gun for the assembly. Cut out your own paper hearts or buy some glitter or felt ones to create the look you’re going for. This is a classy and fun way to add just a touch of Valentine’s Day spirit to your apartment.


Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet from Smart School House

Flowers are such an iconic thing to not only give but decorate with, any time of the year and most especially on Valentine’s Day. Bring some extra sweetness to your flower arrangement by making this one. Invest in a couple of different sized vases that fit into each other and stock up on your favorite Valentine’s Day candy (the blogger of the idea chose candy hearts, but we’re sure you could use something else, like M&Ms or Skittles).


DIY Love Valentine’s Day Sign from Landeelu

This craft is equal parts chic, rustic, modern, and classy! Get a wood round, craft paint, gold spray paint, and a “love” stencil to pull it together. Set it on a shelf or mantel surrounded by a white feather boa (as the blogger of the idea does in the photos), flower petals, or something else soft and fluffy for a light, airy backdrop to the craft.


For more inspiration, check out these 20 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts. Some of them would be perfect for decorating your apartment with. What are your favorite crafts to make for Valentine’s Day? Share your favorite ways to decorate with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. Happy Valentine’s Day!